Supergrip hygiene mats

Your spa and swimming areas may have the perfect atmosphere, but do your guests occasionally slip on the wet floor?

Our wear-resistant Supergrip hygiene mats are not only high-grip but also add a splash of colour.

You use the mats as a modern design element or integrate them discreetly into your surroundings. The choice is yours.

Hart-PVC  |  Soft Kork

All advantages at a glance

The Supergrip structured surface is anti-slip and gently massages the soles of your feet as you walk on it. Its slip resistant features have been tested to DIN 51097 / GUV 26.17and a special profile on the underside incorporates large drainage channels to ensure water can run off quickly in all directions.

The surfaces are not only water repellent but they also inhibit the growth of fungi and bacteria and help protect bare feet from infections. Even mould, mildew and dirt have difficulty clinging to them.

The mats can be easily moved for regular cleaning and maintenance and rolled up for space-saving storage.

The hygiene mats only need a regular hosing down with water but can also easily withstand high pressure hoses and any commonly available detergents. Just rinse them with plenty of water.

There are models suitable for all environments in our product range.

Our Supergrip products are the ideal solution for hotels and spas but they can also be used in a variety of locations such as public swimming baths, saunas, fitness studios, schools and spas as well as in hospitals and domestic bathrooms.

Subject to reasonable care and attention the mats are highly wear-resistant and durable. The temperature range for our hygienic mats is 0-60°C.